Day 19

There’s still a little damage from yesterday’s digestive storm, but I’m happy to report that the evil sheep are now penned and muzzled. Though I’m still doing the full 30, we’re coming close to the 21 days that Shawn Achor said you would see results, and I’m getting curious about how day 21 will go–Shawn never said. I love how vague he is, though, about what these results look like, and I say that without any sarcasm whatsoever. Not knowing what the destination really is forces you to think in smaller, more immediate chunks, or what I imagine hippies refer to as “the journey.”

Day 19 was a good day. A simple one, but a good one. Maybe even a great one. It’s been pretty much a 48 hour cycle of good day/bad day. Though my tummy grumbled, I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and even a little positive, as I expected. “As I expected.” In just 19 days I’m now expecting a good day to happen. Sure, day 20 might find me back in an emotional sewer, but a few months ago, that was every day. A few months ago, I expected every day to be just like the one before. So even though this week has switched daily from peak to valley, there are peaks. Where before I’d been sitting every day in an ocean canyon.

Day 19


I was up at 6 am again this morning—and a whole 5 minutes before the alarm went off. It wasn’t horrible. But my stomach was still moaning like the undead, so I decided to save the exercise for later and meditated for 15 minutes before going in early to work.

The minute the meditation was over a horrible sound erupted outside, something akin to a jackhammer party at a Harley convention. Eyes opened; sound started. I don’t mean to get all Universe-y, but the timing was incredible. Come to find out, they’re repairing the sewer line on our street this week. No, the metaphor is not lost on me. I am disappointed in you, universe. I expected something less obvious.

Random act of kindness

I took a coworker to lunch today. This feels like cheating, though, because I got both the pleasure of her company and a few minutes away from my desk. I like this one best when everybody wins.


It was a nice day out, and I needed to get this done, so I walked home from work again. This time I made sure to seek out all the hills I could find.

3 things I’m grateful for:

1) Good days

2) Not getting fired

3) Quiet time this evening that isn’t weighed down with worry

Reflect on something good that happened

There is a person at work that I find intimidating. When I feel like this around someone it comes out in the way I speak: I get my words tied; it’s hard for me to come back with any-liners much less one-liners; I struggle to find the right thing to say, and I never, ever find the right thing to say. Today that somehow passed. I felt natural and easy and didn’t have the verbal self-consciousness that I usually suffer from. Told ya. Today was a good day.



  1. A Pleasant House

    Randy, sadly, the world is filled with more damaged people then you- and many of then will have seniority over you, You must weigh this situation against what you know to be true- about you, your vision, their lack of vision, their follow-thru. I found myself in a very political environment in a private school where they hired me to ramp-up their science program and then whenI gave them what they wanted- a kickass program with all hands on deck raising a shit load of $$$ for the school…. the director thought I needed to be reined in. Of course she did. It was a classic hand job- not about the students, or education, but about her using me to amp-up the vibe and then try to pul me back to the flock.,, It didn’t work, I resigned, she got demoted and then fired, Never happened to a more deserving bitch. How sad that woman find it difficult to support each other.

    • randyscotthyde

      I don’t think it’s just women who can’t support each other. I think all humanity has a hard time with it. But this blog experiment is making me thankful that there are people out in the world who can be and are supportive. Including you!

  2. Jennifer

    Yay! For some reason I was thinking this was a thirty day experiment! Damn, you are rounding the corner to home base! I hope you keep it up past 21days because I’ve become addicted to following your journey, and for the non-selfish reason that I think you, and your perspective, are changing as a result of this experiment.

  3. Lizzi; Considerer (@LRConsiderer)

    Huzzah! I’m glad you managed to have an easy conversation with the person you’ve previously found intimidating. It can be hard when we over-think a thing (especially when the ‘thing’ has already proven to be a challenge) and anxiety about the chance of encountering (e.g. this person) can become as challenging as the meeting itself. It sounds as though you are relaxing into the ‘newer, happier you’ and as a result, perhaps have less anxiety about the meeting, or, have been able to ‘unhook’ and care a little less about how the meeting goes.

    Glad you’re feeling better physically. An upset tummy is no fun at all.

  4. Sandra Sallin

    Listen Randy, I’m getting emails saying “Don’t let Randy quit. What will I do without him?” We all need our Randy fix.Talk about “holes in our soules”. That’s what your followers will have if you quit.

  5. Alexis M Bierman

    Randy, we at Shawn’s office are enjoying your experiment a lot! Please email me your address and I’d like to send you a copy of Shawn’s latest book BEFORE HAPPINESS as our thanks for letting everyone read your journey! Also, we’d love to have you share some of your story in our “Share your story” Happiness Archive at Thanks!

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