Post-30 Day Interview

There’s a local publication that I’ve written for in the past called The Bold Italic.  I have a total friend crush on the editor there–she’s a pretty amazing lady and an incredible writer.  I am really honored that she’s been following this blog, and we did a little Q&A yesterday now that the project is done.  I’ll elaborate more on all of these responses when I write up the conclusion this weekend, but wanted to share the article with you.


  1. Pamela

    I couldn’t write a comment yesterday because I was so overcome by your victory I had no idea what to say. I hope you are celebrating this!! I am so grateful to have been a witness to this transformation and I am so inspired. I have also received great comfort that this was work which is so much simpler than magical thinking. I sincerely hope you keep posting updates if not daily than weekly. Lots of love to you, Pamela

    • randyscotthyde

      Lizzi, I cannot thank you enough for your constant support and encouragement. I feel like you’re my scarecrow in all of this. You’ve been there from the beginning, and I’ve appreciated your advice and guidance through every single day. Thank you.

  2. Emily

    Hi Randy, I found you through the Bold Italic. I’m so inspired by you! You are so real and relatable that you really give me hope. I’ve been wanting to try something like this but I’m just so lazy. I don’t have a job currently and have been feeling pretty miserable, but reading your triumphs has given me a spark of hope. I’m so proud of you for doing this.

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