A Return to the Land of Milk and Happy

So here’s the thing:  30 days can definitely get you happier.  Turns out, though, that 30 days does not make a habit.  Though I was feeling great going into October, without the accountability and the goal that this blog provided, each task slowly drifted out to sea.  I’d see shimmers of it occasionally—a gratitude here and there, a random run around the park—but I lost the consistency of every day for every one, and ultimately lost the happiness and hopefulness I’d worked so hard to achieve in September.  I’m not exactly back to where I started, but it’s getting dangerously close, and I learned something important about myself – I need goals, and I need accountability.  Without them, I become whale food again.

So what do we do when we take a giant tumble down an epic flight of stairs that it took us a month to climb?  First we look around, hoping no one noticed.  Then we throw a tantrum, kick the walls a little, realize it’s not getting us anywhere and now our toes hurt, and then start the climb again because we know what’s at the bottom ain’t so great.  So I’m back.  And I’m recommitting to the work with a similar set of rules but a new vigor and commitment.

I’ve decided to train for the AIDS Life Cycle in June, riding a bicycle 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  I haven’t been on a bicycle since I started growing body hair and I’m terrified, but it’s a good cause, a well-supported ride, and it gives me a new clear and solid goal to work towards.  Though it’s exercise specific, I’m using it as a target, a vehicle for the other 4 tasks to ride on—all five of them sweatin’ it out on the happiness bike together.  So for the next 7 months, I’ll do a blog post every Sunday to report on the week (stick figures included), and hopefully I can take these from tasks to habits, escaping the desert of sweat and toil to find some freedom in the land of milk and happy.  Glad to be back and I’ll see you next Sunday.




  1. Carol Harlig

    Randy I’m sooooo happy you’re getting back on track and happy you have a new goal. We’ve missed you! Now, start slowly and stay focused. You can do it!!!!!

  2. Becky

    You are an amazing man!!!!! Look yourself in the mirror and say that at least 10 times!!!!! I don’t know anyone who had the guts that you have to do this experiment in the first place in the eyes of the public and to be as honest about it as you were. And now you are brave enough to admit that it isn’t easy to keep going and i think that you deserve some motivation to help you along the way. i read the people that post to you and we are all inspired by you. For all of you followers of Randy Scott Hyde, lets let him know how much we think of him and his new endeavor!!! I say you are amazing, inspirational, brave, strong and real!!!!
    Selfishly I am so glad that you have decided to start blogging again. I have missed you, which is a strange feeling for someone I’ve never met. But just because you stopped blogging didn’t stop me from telling people about you and your journey and encouraging them to check out your story.
    I’m with you through June. You can do this!!!!! If anyone can, you can!!
    All my best thoughts to you….

  3. Kris

    Everyone has set backs. The important part is that you realize it and are getting up, dusting yourself off and getting back on the proverbial horse again. Good luck on your journey and I look forward to your weekly progress and stick figures. 🙂

  4. Hilda K.

    Been missing your posts and stick figures. I’ll take what I can get! Once a week! Fine by me! Keep up the good work!

  5. Robert

    I checked back on your blog occasionally (like once a week) hoping to see a new post and today I got my wish, today I’m grateful for you starting to add to this blog again. I was having a major setback today too and I really needed something to lift my spirits. THANKS! And good luck with your training.

  6. Kolleen Guy

    I am coming a bit late to your blog…and it is terrific. Courageous and just plain good writing. Have you ever read Tim Parks’ book on meditation? I believe it is calledTeach Us to Sit Still? Your blog makes me think a bit of Parks’ experience. He struggled against different demons…but the beauty of the writing is echoed here in your work.

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