The 30 Day Happiness Experiment


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  8. Daisy Carrillo

    I just read your article about living with a ex. I currently live with my ex fiancé and father to my infant child we been broken up since I was pregnant when I discovered he had another woman. He is my best friend of 9 almost 10 years and on off bf of 5 years. I drew up a co parenting contract amongst roommates but he refuses to sign i just wish to be on mutual grounds about our child and personal life’s. Especially when the woman he cheated on me with is now pregnant with his child. I don’t know what else to do it to make our situation better not as painful. We bought a home together so separating and loosing our investment is out of the question. Neither one wants to sell and neither one wants to leave the other by that I mean he is still very affectionate and has recently asked me to be his domestic partner we just opened a joined bank account and car insurance too

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